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The New Gold Standard in Telemedicine Technology   

Connect with employees anytime, anywhere on any mobile device with our innovative Telemedicine Solution. Whether it is an initial injury evaluation or a follow-up, face-to-face provider occupational medicine care is available 24/7/365 through our experienced team.  There is no need for a dedicated room, downloaded software, or even an app. It is simple, just click the secure link and you are in our HIPAA compliantsystem.  If additional individuals, like orthopedic or eye specialists, are needed the system will accommodate up to 6 individuals to join the video conference simultaneously. When compared to traditional field case managementour telemed system is 15x less expense while providing a 90% satisfaction rate due to the convenience and effectiveness in delivering the best care to your employees via their own mobile device.

• Convenient

• Smart phone ready

• No apps or software needed

• Cost effective 

• Employee Satisfaction over 90%

• Early Diagnosis 

• HIPAA compliant / Cloud based

• Real-time Results

• Tele-visits are recorded and stored electronically and are available immediate review.