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Rescue Services

CORE’S MEDICAL RESCUE integrates highly trained and certified rescue teams. Unlike traditional stand-by services, our teams are experts not only in providing a safe, timely rescue response but also in occupational medicine. When not performing high angle or confined space rescue in the field, they are providing onsite injury / illness care, substance abuse testing, and ancillary testing. With 24/7/365 availability, CORE can provide your facility the rescue expertise along with an industry leading level of medical support.

• Combine expertise in rescue services with
   occupational medicine trained teams

• Perform confined space, high /low angle, and
   trench rescue along with confined space entry

• Meet NFPA 1006 Level II, NFPA 1670, NFPA
  1983 and OSHA 1910.146 regulations

• Emergency Response / Disaster Response
   and Recovery Planning

• Teams specifically trained to provide
   paramedic level of medical care

• Continuity of care –
   from time of injury through treatment

• Cost Savings - Not just a standby