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Medical Surveillance

CORE’S MEDICAL SURVEILLANCE PROGRAM allows companies to outsource their medical department functions to an industry leading integrated  occupational medicine services provider. Our medical professionals work with your company to create or review all medical protocols, policies, and  procedures to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Using our proprietary, web-based occupational medicine platform, we can manage all aspects of your company’s Medical Surveillance Program.  From online scheduling and reporting to electronic employee visit authorizations and centralized medical review we can ensure your employees stay  compliant. Our expertise in providing unsurpassed occupational medicine services can help your company elevate workforce health and productivity,  while reducing overall medical costs.

• Program Management

• Online Scheduling /Reporting

• Employee Visit Authorizations

• Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

• Clinic Performance Monitoring

• Centralized Medical Review

• Recurring Exam Reminders

• Medical Records Management