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CORE Occupational Resources has developed a highly secure method of accepting Computer Based forms over our Secure Network. Almost a year in developoment, the CORE Secure Forms Management System is a standard for the industry to follow.



Secure Forms Management Instructions: Our interactive Express Forms allow you to fill-in required form information on your computer. Once the form is complete you may then submit it electronically to our staff. You may also print it and save the form on your computer. (Forms compatiable with most all versions of PC/Windows) 

CORE Secure Forms Management


Why use Electronic Transmitted Forms?


Data transmission, digital transmission, or digital communications is the physical transfer of data (a digital bit stream) over a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint communication channel. When a secure point-to-point communication channel is established, sending forms data through such a channel provides improved data quality and reduced costs. Paper data froms transportation has obvioious possibilities of issues with security and safety. If you need additional informaiton regarding our CORE Secure Forms Managment and how it will improve your operatons call:


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